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Market & Applications

Civil engineering
Kamenny Vek offers a wide range of products for civil engineering. Product line includes: basalt chopped fiber for direct concrete reinforcing, basalt roving for concrete rebars and pultruded load bearing structures, basalt woven fabrics for heat, sound insulation and fire resistance, geogrids for pavement and ground reinforcement, UD-tapes for wall strengthening and renovation. Read more

Kamenny Vek offers a wide range of products for automotive industry. Product line includes: basalt roving for filament winding of CNG cylinders, basalt chopped strand for BMC parts and frictional materials, special wet-chop fiber for production of easy recyclable headliners, basalt woven fabrics, mats and veils for fire protection, heat and sound insulation. Read more

Wind energy and marine
Kamenny Vek offers different multiaxial basalt fabrics and UD tapes for wind mill blades production and for boat building. Read more

Corrosion resistant high pressure pipes
Kamenny Vek offers a special basalt roving for filament winding. The investigation carried out in University of Alberta, Canada, shows advantages of basalt fiber over E-glass. Read more

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