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Fire Protection, Heat & Sound Insulation

  • If you are interested in better fire protection and 150 C higher heat resistance than with E-glass materials but less expensive than silica, you need fabrics from our basalt fiber.
  • If you need reliability, you will get it using materials made of our basalt fiber.
  • Our advanced basalt fibers have 15-20% higher tensile strength and tensile modulus, better chemical resistance, and an extended operating temperature range compared to regular E-glass. KV’s basalt performance is close to that of high strength and corrosion resistant fibers but at a more attractive price.

    Comparison of KV's basalt fibers and standard glass fibers

    Mechanical properties Kamenny Vek (Basalt fiber) E-glass

    Tensile strength of dry fiber (ASTM D3822), mN/tex



    Tensile strength of single filaments (ASTM D2101), MPa



    Tensile modulus of single filaments (ASTM D2101), GPa



    Thermal properties Kamenny Vek (Basalt fiber) E-glass

    Application temperature, °C

    -260 up to +560

    -60 up to +460

    Short-term maximum operation temperature, °C

    up to +700

    up to +550

    Heat conductivity, W/(m.°K)



  • Basalt fibers have better sound insulation properties than glass fibers. Hence, with interior based on basalt fiber you will feel yourself more comfortable.
  • The dielectric properties of basalt fibers are equal to ones of glass fibers. So, switch from glass to basalt does not change radar transparency of construction.
  • After exposition under 400°C the basalt fibers lose only 20% of their initial strength, while strength of E-glass under the same conditions drops substantially - more than 50%.
  • Kamenny Vek can provide various types of yarns and woven fabrics. We are open for collaboration in the manufacturing of specially designed fabrics and braided sleeves. Our R&D team is ready to satisfy your toughest requirements.

    Product description


    Weaving type

    Surface density, g/m2

    Breaking load, N (kgf), no less than

    Length of fabric roll (m)




    Plain 1/1





    TBR-400/500/ 600/800 Plain 1/1 400±10 2500 (255) 2800 (286) 80
    500±10 2626 (270) 1900(194) 80
    600±10 2646 (270) 2646(197) 80
    800±10 3150(321) 3600(367) 50

    BF-350 T

    Twill 2/2





    For the automotive industry:

  • High strength basalt rovings for the filament winding of CNG cylinders and for SMC/BMC technology;
  • Basalt chopped strand for BMC technology and for the production of frictional materials;
  • Special basalt wet chopped strand for the production of mats and veils the for interior application.
  • For civil engineering:

  • High strength and chemically resistant basalt rovings for concrete reinforcing bars, load-bearing profiles, and pultruded gratings;
  • Chemical resistant chopped strands for concrete and mortar reinforcement;
  • Basalt geogrid & stucco nets for roads, bridge construction, and renovation of concrete structures.

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