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High mechanical properties!

Basfiber® is widely used in applications where mechanical properties of reinforcement is the main factor responsible for the general performance of material.

Basfiber® has higher strength and elastic modulus than conventional E-glass. Our performance is getting close to special high strength S-glass and carbon fibers.


Wind Mill Blades!

Our Basfiber® is the best reinforcement for long wind mill blades. High mechanical properties and moderate price gives you a possibility to decrease blade's weight and increase energy output of wind power plant without any additional investments.

We supply different rovings, UD-tapes and multi-axial fabrics for production of wind mill blades.


CNG Cylinders!

Kamenny Vek provides high-strength basalt rovings for the filament winding of compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders. Using our basalt fibers instead of S-glass and carbon fibers in high-pressure vessels, car makers can reduce cost of CNG powered cars.

Please look our special brochure and article from Reinforced Plastics magazine.


Bridges, buildings and concrete rebars!

Kamenny Vek provides high strength basalt roving specially designed for pultrusion. This product has high tex and various sizings to be compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins.

If your bridge constructions are too heavy with E-glass or expensive with S-glass or carbon fiber reinforcement, if you need durable & inexpensive concrete rebars you can use our Basfiber® to produce stronger products without increase of its price.


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