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Welcome to Kamenny Vek

Kamenny Vek manufactures high quality basalt continuous fibers under Basfiber® brand name.

Our basalt fibers show 15-20% higher tensile strength and modulus, better chemical resistance, extended operating temperature range, better environmental friendliness than regular E glass - all in one material - getting close to and sometime outperforming high strength glass and other specialty fibers but beating them price wise. Basfiber® is ideally suited for demanding applications requiring high temperatures, chemical resistance, durability, mechanical strength and low water absorption.
Processing of basalt fibers does not require special equipment or technologies - all known processes including pultrusion, filament winding, SMC/BMC as well as conversion into regular textile, non-woven, UD and multi-axial fabrics can be used. We propose wide application of our products in following industry fields: building, automotive industry, boat building, wind mill blades manufacturing and etc.

Dubna, 141980, Moscow region
Tverskaya str., 28V
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